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We have found Toppaper to be an excellent and trustworthy partner in our dealings. They stepped in at the last minute to help us after we were let down by a previous supplier. Toppaper was creating, understanding, willing to help and above all easy to deal with. Their understanding of our business needs was a key part of our relationship. I would recommend Toppaper to others." Clint Carrol


IT Security in Tokyo


With the increase in the use of broadband connections, IT security is becoming one of if not the most important cencern to businesses today. There are myriads of of security products to ensure data protection. We can consult and help to choose the right product that fits your budget and your network.

A lot of businesses require connectivity to their company resources from virtually any locations such as mobile laptop user, remote offices, home etc. We can provide your business with seamless and secure access to your resources.

IT security review

IT security review is an audit of your business IT infrastructure, processes including servers, computers, network infrastructure and other devices. Security review aims to identify potential data and network vulnerabilties as well as make recommendations of actions to safeguard against threats.

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